Get inspired this weekend

How can you write without inspiration? You can’t! Why don’t you join us in Whitley Bay library this coming Saturday afternoon for Teenage Kicks, a creative writing workshop inspired by music?

Charming Salon PartyWe’ve all got our favourite songs, pieces of music which instantly transport us back to precious memories – first days of independence, first loves, first taste of the ‘real world’, or even the opposite, taking us back to more innocent times, when our biggest worry was whether our favourite group would have made it to Number One.  

Teenage Kicks: Creative Writing Workshop takes place this coming Saturday, 4th March, at Whitley Bay Library and is run by Jennifer C Wilson and Elaine Cusack. Attendees are  encouraged to  ‘bring along’  favourite songs (mentally only, no CDs needed!), and see where they go when combined with Jennifer’s prompts. 

Jennifer and Elaine  will be sharing songs and pieces of music to conjure up new inspiration, and show how songs can inspire some fascinating moods, characters and plots. 

Charming Salon PartyTeenage Kicks: Creative Writing Workshop Saturday 4th March, St Mary’s room, Whitley Bay library.  Tickets cost £15 . Advance booking recommended. Click here to book


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